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Emcon and SST Fully Rugged TEMPEST Laptop

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Emcon and SST Fully Rugged TEMPEST Laptop-Image

Emcon and SST offer a fully-rugged 15.6-inch widescreen TEMPEST notebook with HD graphics. This device features a customized Input/Output interface which is configured into standard specifications, enabling an I/O interface that fully complies with military standards.

This model meets MIL-STD-810 requirements and is compatible with ViaSat Eclypt® hard drives which are DIPCOG, CESG and FIPS Validated. It is approved for Use by CSE in Canadian Government Institutions.

This device is certified to NSTISSAM TEMPEST/1-92, Level I; CID09/15A, Level I; and SDIP-27/2. Level A (providing the equipment and associated systems are installed to the requirements identified in SDIP-29).

The Secure Systems and Information Assurance division of API Technologies offers global support. Below you will find links to North American and European office locations which offer TEMPEST product and service support.

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