Darcor Casters, Inc. Datasheets for Casters

Casters are complete wheel and horn assemblies that attach to the bottom of equipment to allow movement and carry loads. There are two basic types of casters: rigid and swivel.
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Product Name Notes
Kingpinless Casters Caster wheels that have been disigned to reduce swivel forces and push/pull forces. For towlines, AGV's, picking and tool and die carts.
Twin Wheel Casters -- 30 Series Double row ball bearing swivel caster wheels. For order picking carts as well as office furniture and equipment.
Swivel Casters -- 20 Series Double row ball bearing swivel wheel casters. For order picking and food service carts as well as office chairs, furniture and equipment.
Twin Wheel Casters -- 5200 Series Duel wheel high swiveling performance wheel casters. For AGV's and movement of large sensitive loads where maneuverability is essential.
Multi-wheel Kingpinless Casters Kingpinless multi-wheel casters are noise and chatter resistant. For towlines, AGV's, part and order picking carts.
Wheel Casters -- 400 Series Noise/chatter reducing wheel caster. For Towlines, AGVs, auto body, parts, order picking, and tool and die carts.
Office Chair Casters Specialty designed wheel caster with removable axle. For office chairs and medical applications such as IV poles, overbed tables and nightstands.
Spring Loaded Casters Spring loaded swivel wheel caster with grease fitting. For applications such as floor sweepers, lift trucks and equipment for the movement of sensitive products.
Multi-caster Caster Assembly -- Turtle® Turtle® Caster, Rig made of machined steel, Top Plate mounting. Solid Elastomer wheel tread, Precision Ball bearing. Bearing Type: Precision Ball
Medical Casters Wheel casters available in single or twin wheel design for medical applications. For sensitive diagnostic or operating room equipment.
Wheel Casters -- 900 Series Wheel casters for AGV's, lift trucks, tugger and parts carts. Also used for revolving stages, amusement park rides and parade floats.
Wheel Casters -- 700 Series Wheel casters for heavy duty carts and dollies and tool and die carts. Nooise and chatter reducing design.
Wheel Casters -- 800 Series Wheel casters for towlines, AGV's. industrial waste and scrap bins, paint booths and tool and die carts. Noise and chatter reducing design.
Cartwashable Casters Wheel casters that reduce rusting under wet conditions. Ball type grease nipples. Used in laundries, hospitals and food applications with sanitary requirements.
V Groove Casters Wheel casters that will roll on angle iron track or floor. Precision machined semi-steel wheels.
Gate Spring Loaded Casters Wheel casters with a top plate design that mounts on vertical surfaces. For gates, doors and swinging/pivoting racks.
Wheel Casters -- 60 Series Wheel casters with double row ball bearing swivel. For order picking, bakery and food service carts, and office furniture and equipment.
Wheel Casters -- 70 Series Wheel casters with double row ball bearing swivel. For tugger, order picking, supply, laundry, bakery, freezer and food service carts. Available in fixed or swivel designs.
Heavy Load Casters -- 5000 Series Wheel casters with precission machined swivel head tapered bearings. For lift trucks, parade floats, AGV's, tuggers and carts.
Lift Truck Casters Wheel casters with spring loaded elastomer or polyurethane wheels. For lift truck applications: Class II - Narrow aisle reach trucks, Classs III pallet trucks, order pickers and walkie trucks.