Roller Dollies from Hilman Rollers

SHDB Series Hilman Rollers -- 1000-XNTB

SHDB Series Hilman Rollers -- 1000-XNTB -- View Larger Image
SHDB Series Hilman Rollers -- 1000-XNTB-Image

The relationship between the SHDB Series and the SHD Series is precisely the same as the relationship between the OTB/NTB/TB Series and the OT/NT/T Series Rollers. The addition of two end-blocks on the roller frame allows for the addition of an external guidance system (Accu-Roll). Note that there are some dimensional differences in the top plate from the SHD counterparts.

Product Category
Roller Dollies
Machine Dollie
Load Capacity
2.00E6 lbs (907029 kg)