Alps Electric (USA) Inc. Datasheets for PC Card Connectors

PC card connectors are used to connect PC cards, CompactFlash cards, and other devices to computers.
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Product Name Notes
SCDB Series -- SCDB1A0102
SCDB Series -- SCDB1C0101
SCDB Series -- SCDB2A0101
Applicable to three memory card standards - SD Memory Card, MultiMediaCard™ and Memory Stick™. Push-push ejection mechanism applied in both card types. Contact point protection to minimize card damage during...
SCEC Series -- SCEC1B0100
SCEC Series -- SCEC1B0200
SCEC Series -- SCEC1D0100
SCEC Series -- SCEC1F0100
SCEC Series -- SCEC1F0300
SCEC Series -- SCEC1F0400
Improved operability from long ejection stroke (10mm) and clear click feel. 4 solder lug terminals are provided in the plate for secure mounting onto the PC board. Allows setting of...
SCDA Series -- SCDA1A0700
SCDA Series -- SCDA1A0701
SCDA Series -- SCDA1A0801
SCDA Series -- SCDA1A0900
SCDA Series -- SCDA1A0901
SCDA Series -- SCDA1A1301
SCDA Series -- SCDA1A1401
SCDA Series -- SCDA1A1501
SCDA Series -- SCDA2A0100
SCDA Series -- SCDA2A0101
SCDA Series -- SCDA2A0201
SCDA Series -- SCDA2A0300
SCDA Series -- SCDA3A0100
SCDA Series -- SCDA3A0200
SCDA Series -- SCDA3A0201
SCDA4A Series
SCDA5 Series
Media half-lock structure stops media from flying out during ejection, preventing the dropping and loss of media. Media detection switch adopts a highly reliable structure where the contact slides at...
SCFB Series -- SCFB1A0500
SCFB Series -- SCFB1A0600
SCFB Series -- SCFB1A0700
SCFB Series -- SCFB2A0400
SCFB Series -- SCFB2A0500
SCFB Series -- SCFB3A0300
Metal-plated structure enhances noise reduction and mechanical strength. Screw clamping structure strengthens mounting. Minimized depth design contributes to smaller body structure.
SCBA/SCBB Series Simple structure contributes to compact and light weight body. Eject knob can be applied to the left or right side. Also available in stand-off. Pin header (SCBA) is provided with...