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Cable Balancers 3.3 - 6.6 lbs. Capacity

Cable Balancers 3.3 - 6.6 lbs. Capacity -- View Larger Image
Cable Balancers 3.3 - 6.6 lbs. Capacity-Image

The TB series features a heavy-duty, nylon-coated, wire rope and a high-durability spring for a long service life. Both have been tested under a full load to 500,000 cycles. The TB-50 & TB-30 have an aluminum body and use removable torque keys for tension adjustment. The TB-15 & TB-10 are made of ABS Plastic and have dial type torque adjustments no tools required. Our TB Series cable balancers enable all types of portable tools weighing up to 11 lbs. to be suspended within easy reach of operators. Tool balancers provide the operator with a neater and safer work area, and reduce operator fatigue.

Product Category
Tool Balancers
Load Capacity
3.3 to 6.6 lbs (1.5 to 2.99 kg)

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