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Festo U series are high noise reduction silencers. This series keeps noise levels below 84dB(A) and offers a high flow rate in a compact thread connection fitting.
• Threaded connection M5, G1/2, G1/4, G1/8, G3/8, G3/4, G1. • Barbed connector connection PK-3, PK-4. • Noise level 65 dB(A) to 84 dB(A)
• For solenoid valves CPE. • Threaded connection M5, M7, G1/8, G1/4, G3/8. • Push-in connector QS 3, QS 4, QS 6, QS 8, QS 10. • Noise level 58 dB(A) to 68 dB(A)
Manufacturer Series = U
Type = Silencer
Inlet Connection Type = Threaded
Threaded Inlet Connection = G 1/8 Male
Noise Reduction = <77dB(A)
Maximum Input Pressure = 10bar
Material = Polymer
Minimum Operating Temperature = -10°C
Threaded Inlet Connection Thread Gender = Male
Maximum Operating Temperature = +70°C


Product Category
Silencers and Mufflers (Industrial)
Type / Application
Other; Silencer
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