API Technologies Corp. Datasheets for Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic capacitors have a dielectric made of ceramic materials.
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Product Name Notes
Tublar Pi Capacitors -- NP0
Tublar Pi Capacitors -- X7R
Tublar Pi Capacitors -- Y5V
Tubular FT Capacitors -- NP0
Tubular FT Capacitors -- X7R
Tubular FT Capacitors -- Y5V
API Technologies manufactures a wide variety of tubular ceramic capacitors, which are small in size, lightweight, non-polar and offer high dielectric strength. Operating temperatures of –55°C to +125°C are achieved...
Discoidal Capacitors -- NP0
Discoidal Capacitors -- X7R
Discoidal Capacitors -- Z5U
Ceramic discoidal feed-thru capacitors are the building blocks of the EMI filter industry. Spectrum Control discoidal capacitors provide great versatility in meeting varied voltage, capacitance and dimensional requirements. Our non-polar,...
Switch Mode Power Supply Capacitor -- SMP-3
Switch Mode Power Supply Capacitor -- SMP-4
Switch Mode Power Supply Capacitor -- SMP-5
High speed Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) capacitors have the following characteristics when compared to other capacitive elements: Lower Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) Lower Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL) Lower ripple...
Planar Capacitors The Advanced Ceramics Product Group of SASP designs and manufactures a wide range of planar capacitor arrays. Built using over 25 years expertise in multi-layer ceramic capacitor manufacturing, planar capacitors...