Techna-Tool Inc. Datasheets for Tool Monitors

Tool monitors optimize machine tool operating conditions based on feedback from a sensor or probe.
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Product Name Notes
BK Mikro® -- BK Mikro 8 Capable of learning up to 128 different tool lengths, three year warranty
BK Mikro® -- BK Linear Designed for applications where radial scanning is not possible
BK Mikro® -- BK Mikro 7 Designed for small confined areas, radial moved scanning wand
BK Mikro® -- BK Mikro 5 For multi-spindle applications, simultaneous left-right tool checking
BK Mikro® -- BK Mikro 4 For single tool applications or part presence monitoring
Techna-Check® -- Techna-Check PCI Monitors 1-128 tools/processes & up to 20 different motors simultaneously
Techna-Check® -- Techna-Check 3200 Monitors 1-64 tools or processes & up to 4 different motors simultaneously
Techna-Check® -- Techna-Check 101 Monitors one tool or process, external RS 232 connection, networkable