Laboratory Furnaces from MTS Systems Corporation

High-Temperature Furnace -- Model 653.02


The family of Model 653 MTS furnaces is designed to cover a wide range of temperatures for materials ranging from metals to composites to ceramics. They are ideal for tension, compression, bend and cyclic fatigue testing. Their center split design allows for simple specimen and fixture access. Slide rails built into the mounting bracket make it easy to separate the two halves by simply pulling them apart. Mounting brackets are available for a variety of MTS and non-MTS load frames. Each furnace comes complete with a Type R thermocouple and the mounting bracket. When a multi-zone option is selected, the furnace includes thermocouples and temperature control for each zone. Each furnace is designed to accommodate MTS high-temperature axial extensometers.


Product Category
Laboratory Furnaces
Temperature Range
100 to 1400 C (212 to 2552 F)
50 mm (1.97 inch)
Width / Tube O.D.
50 mm (1.97 inch)
50 mm (1.97 inch)
Refractory Muffle / Tube Type