VARNA Products Datasheets for Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive displacement pumps use a mechanical force such as gears, bladders, pistons, plungers or diaphragms to push liquid through and out of the pump.
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Product Name Notes
DAISY Reversing Oil Pump -- P/N 6460
DAISY Reversing Oil Pump -- P/N 6512
DAISY Reversing Oil Pump -- P/N 6630
DAISY Reversing Oil Pump -- P/N 6640
The Daisy pumps pack decades of innovative pump technology into a compact unit that is ideal for a wide array of tasks. They will run in either direction making them...
EP4 Prelube Oil Pump -- EP4-12
EP4 Prelube Oil Pump -- EP4-24
The EP4 pump is desiged from the ground up to be the ideal prelube oil pump for large engines, and it is also a great oil or fuel transfer pump...
CF15 Prelube Oil Pump -- CF15 This pump mounts to any 56C-Face, AC, DC or even Compressed air motor. They incorporate our self-contained, pressure-regulated bypass system as well as a reverse flow check valve. They will...