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Sewergard™ Trowelable -- No. 210

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Sauereisen SewerGard No. 210 is an aggregate-filled epoxy material. This lining system is specifically designed to protect
concrete surfaces of municipal wastewater treatment structures and collection systems from chemical attack and physical abuse. No. 210's nonsagging application properties permit economical
repair and protection of vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces of both new or rehabilitated substrates.

When cured, No. 210 provides an impermeable, high strength, corrosion-resistant lining for manholes, lift stations, grit chambers, aeration basins, and related structures subject to infiltration and attack from hydrogen sulfide and acid generated
by microbiological sources.

Product Category
Cement, Concrete, and Mortar
Cement / Raw Material Form
Liner or Lining System
Specialty Shape / Other Form
Bond & Processing
PolymerBond; Epoxy
Technology / Cure Type
Heat Setting or Thermoset; Two or More Components
Composition or ASTM/EN Cement Type 
Aggregate Filled

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Processing Specifications
Cure Time
Cure Temperature
Thermal & Mechanical Properties
Max Use Temperature
MOR / Flexural Strength
Compressive Strength

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