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Conformal EMI Shielding Material -- LOCTITE ABLESTIK EMI 8880S

Conformal EMI Shielding Material -- LOCTITE ABLESTIK EMI 8880S -- View Larger Image
Conformal EMI Shielding Material -- LOCTITE ABLESTIK EMI 8880S-Image

With the increasing proliferation of wireless devices, designers are challenged with various electromagnetic waves from multiple sources radiating at the same spectrum of frequencies resulting in electromagnetic interference(EMI). Radio-frequency(RF) emitting devices require effective isolation to limit the propagation of their interference to neighboring components to protect the end device from performance degradation. As electronics move toward miniaturization, lighter weight, and higher speeds, these challenges become more significant as conventional shielding methods present functional and operational limitations. To address this, the Faraday cage is applied at the package level.

Typical Packaging Structure and Solutions

Henkel has developed innovative material technologies that provide effective protection at the package level with compartmental shielding and conformal shielding using simple and scalable processes.

Conformal Shielding Materials

The thinly spray-coated material provides uniform coverage on top and sidewalls, clean edges without backside contamination, and excellent adhesion to mold compound with excellent Shielding Effectiveness (SE). Furthermore, this technology is simple allowing easy production scalability and design flexibility with minimal cost of ownership using spray-coating compared to other costly methods such as PVD/sputtering.

Advantages of Spraying with Henkel Material

Key RequirementsPVD/SputteringSpraying (with Henkel)
Total Cost of OwnershipExtremely highUp to 60% lower
Throughput (UPH)ModerateUp to 400% higher
Required CAPEXExtremely highUp to 90% lower
Process FlowComplexSimple
Deployment ScalabilityLowHigh
Required Coating Thickness3~6 um3~6 um
Laser Mark VisibilityGoodGood
Coating UniformityGoodGood
Coating StructureMulti-LayerSingle or Multi-Layer
Top:Sidewall Thickness Ratio1:0.4~0.51:0.5~0.6
Henkel Material vs. Conventional Conductive Ink

Key RequirementsConventional MaterialHenkel Material
Spray Technology CompatibilityAgnosticAgnostic
Bulk Shielding EffectivenessPoor (50 dB)Excellent (90 dB)
Volume Resistivity1x10

-4 ohm-cm

7.9 x10

-6 ohm-cm

Coating UniformityModerateGood
Fine AtomizationPoorExcellent
Required Coating Thickness10~20 um3~6 um
Capable Coating Thickness10~30 um3~30 um
Silver Settlement During SprayYesNo
Adhesion to EMC5B5B


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Electrically Conductive; EMI/RFI Shielding
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