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The LTL Acorn Trail cameras from SURE24 are stand alone, motion activated cameras that have a wide range of uses including filming wildlife and security. When installed, motion detection sensors trigger the automatic (1 second trigger) recording of live video footage, or take still photographs. The LTL6210A 1/4 inch LCD colour display detaches from the underside of the unit allowing you to set up the camera while it is deployed. This screen can be used to analyse the recordings or modify the cameras settings.
Encased in a tough camouflaged housing makes the trail camera blend into the background. SD Cycle Function and blue invisible 940-IR. An excellent tool for a wide range of CROPS jobs. 3+ Months battery life. 12 MegaPixel. 3 angled sensors. Time lapse record. The large LCD screen on the base enables easy viewing of the footage
IR = Yes
Focal Length = 3.1mm
Sensor Type = 5 Megapixel Colour CMOS
Depth = 90 mm
Height = 140 mm
Width = 80mm

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