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Inspection Camera -- PCE-VM 21

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Inspection Camera -- PCE-VM 21-Image

The PCE-VM 21 consists of an optical microscope, CCD camera and LCD screen. Due to the 75-fold magnification, it is possible to view very small parts and electronics very clearly. The PCE-VM 21 industrial microscope reduces eye strain during soldering of printed circuit boards (PCBs), investigating of material defects on metal surfaces, and more, making the PCE-VM 21 inspection microscope a vital addition to your plant, shop, production line or quality control laboratory.

Product Category
Video Cameras
Camera Function
Still; Video
Monochrome / Color
Imaging Technology
CCD Camera; Digital Camera
Application / Industry
Industrial; Scientific / Research
Performance Specifications
Horizontal Resolution
600 lines

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Vertical Resolution
Format / Output
Width / Diameter

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