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Abrisa Technologies provides precision custom machined optical components from prototype to high volume and OEM production. We can apply a variety of precision processes, individually or in combination, to any glass substrate. 90% of Glass Fabrication requirements are unique, consequently when you require a specific transmission, size, edge, polish, or cleanliness standard or more for your product, turn to Abrisa Technologies to produce your glass fabrication components.

  • Cutting
  • Edging
  • Screen Printing / Etching
  • Machining (CNC)
  • Assembly
  • Bus Bar
  • Strengthening
  • Metrology
  • Cleaning
  • Specialty Packaging

Company Information
Abrisa Technologies is located in Santa Paula, CA and is comprised of 2 divisions providing precision glass optics products & services; Abrisa Industrial Glass & ZC&R Coatings for Optics. Glass Fabrication & Coatings Experts.
Design Assistance; Part Fabrication; Cutting / Profiling; Inspection / Testing
Grinding; Machining
Materials Processed
Silicate / Fused Silica; Dichroic; Germanium; GlassCeramic; SodaLime; Borosilicate; Quartz; Aluminosilicate

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Secondary Operations
Certifications / Quality Requirements