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Latches are mechanical components that hold a door, drawer, or cabinet closed. Typically, latches do not lock; however, some latches provide locking features.
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Product Name Notes
A sturdy latch activated by any handle with 5/16" square shank
Actuator is perpendicular to latch with finger pull
Additional rods may be added to enable light-duty multi-point latching
Also available in non-locking version
Also available is a key-locking hook bolt offset .38" & blind mount version
Also available is a latch designed for 1-1/16" thick panels
Also available with blind mount
Also available with reversed slam bolt
Aluminum center case with long reach cam
Available in 3 different unlocking models, choice of single or double stage
Available in a carbon steel plain finish or zinc plated
Available in a range of grips, right hand version is standard
Available in a variety of finishes and latching options, consult factory
Available in matte black finish
Available in matte black or matte white finish
Available in matte black or matte white with choices of panel thickness
Available in satin or black powder finish, with blind mount bracket
Available in satin, polished, black powder or zinc finish
Available in single or double stage
Available in single, two or three-point locking, with power locking option
Available with oil-resistant O-rings around cross pin bushings
Available with personalized logos, consult factory for details
Available with various actuator options
Both hook bolts are 2-5/16" to center of case
Cable-actuated for drop and swing doors, specify R or L
Can be converted into two- or three-point system
Can be installed on vertically acting surfaces
Can be used in conjunction with any handles that have a 5/16" square shank
Can be used on either right- or left-hand doors
Can fit in slightly smaller area than the 534-X series
Can withstand temperatures ranging from -20° to 125°F
Center case for three-point system with longer studs for inside handle
Center case for two-point system
Center case only equipped with single-point latching system
Center case only with (4) .28" diameter mounting holes
Center case without handle
Center latch used in same way as 2500-1 and with a key-activated dead bolt
Chrome finish with (4) 11/64" dia. mounting holes on 3-3/16" x 3" centers
Chrome finish with threaded barrel nut for easy assembly
Comes with 4-1/4" length hasp for doors up to 1" thick
Comes with 4-1/4"length hasp for doors up to 3/8" thick
Comes with 48" rod and two L-brackets for attaching center cam latch
Comes with a spoon handle that measures 4-3/4" from center of square hole
Comes with a stainless steel key cylinder dust cover
Comes with an actuator arm designed for use with rod adapter
Comes with pillar lock, to be used with slam lock 206 series
Comes with six mounting holes and only one idler pulley
Consult factory for part options
Continuously adjustable latch is ideal for fiberglass applications
Designed for a variety of panel applications
Designed for adjustment of pawl from .13" to 2" maximum
Designed for panel thickness from 3/16" to 3/8"
Designed to be used for small, lightweight doors or enclosures
Designed to withstand exposure to harsh ambient conditions
Dovetail latch is designed to improve door alignment
Draw latch with a 1" finger loop release
Dual stage designed for two different remote actuation points
Dual stage latch with load rating up to 350 lbs
Dual stage low profile rotary latch designed for thinner door applications
Dual stage with riveted rod adapters designed for 3/32" diameter cable
Dual-stage mini rotary was designed to be used in multi-point applications
Each paddle lock is furnished with 6 feet of nylon-coated steel cable
Equipped with adjustable cam for varied door thicknesses
Equipped with six .20" diameter mounting holes, other options available
Everlube finish on the latch pawls
Flush mounted T Handle constructed to be water resistant
For heavy duty use
Four 7/32" diameter mounting holes are standard
Furnished with flush upper bolt and offset lower bolt, specify R or L
Gasket available for flange 1/16" thick neoprene material
Half-turn panel latch also available with a 1/4" hex drive, or black knob
Handle pops up when center button is pushed, offers adjustable grip range
Has 2 mounting slots that measure .22" x 1.00" and a 2.7 lbs spring rate
Has 4 mounting holes .20" diameter and a 30° bolt
Has 4 mounting holes .20" diameter and a 45° bolt
Has 4 mounting slots that measure .22" x .25" and a reverse bolt
Has 6 mounting holes .28" diameter and a 45° bolt
Has a spring rate of 2.7 lbs
Has double ended cam with .195" holes for use in multi-point systems
Has four 7/32" diameter mounting holes on 1-1/8" x 1-1/4" centers
Has integral paddle handle and trigger for lighter use, also other finishes
Has welded construction for heavy duty use, other finishes available
Heavy-duty 3-point door lock, fastens doors at the top, bottom or center
Hex drive 6mm hex
Hex insert for use with a 1/4" hex tool, nickel-plated finish
Ideal for drawers and small cabinets
Ideal for small compartment applications where a secure latch is needed
Ideal for storage containers or access doors
Ideal for top opening lids such as tool boxes and storage boxes
Ideal for use on heavily gasketed lids
Ideal to fit tubular constructed bulk handling containers
Includes 4 mounting holes each .203" in diameter
Includes 4-11/64" diameter mounting holes on 3-3/4" x 3-13/16" hole centers
Includes a stainless steel key cylinder with dust shutter
Includes a striker, consult factory for additional variations
Key cylinder available in key numbers 100-109
Key cylinder is zinc die cast
Key-locking black powder wrinkle finish with rubber strap
Key-locking black powder wrinkle finish with stainless strap
Knob-locking version
Large, heavy-duty D-rings are ideal for use on fire truck/rescue vehicle
Larger paddle design for increased hand clearance
Latch can be set up with rods or cables for remote applications
Latch can be slammed closed with padlock in the secured position
Latch has overall thickness of 1-9/16"
Latch is slammable in the locked position
Lift and turn latches offer adjustable bolt depth for shallow or deep doors
Light-duty 2-point latch comes with 5/16" aluminum rods and guide brackets
Matte black finish
Matte black finish and vertical finger pull
Matte black finish with 2 keys supplied
Mounting bracket and (2) screws are included
Mounting holes .203" diameter on 5.13" x 2.63" centers
Mounting studs are available in two lengths
Non key-locking black powder wrinkle finish with rubber strap
Non-key-locking as well as other versions available, consult factory
Non-key-locking rotary paddle latch
Non-key-locking single-point D-ring latch with black coated handle
Non-locking D-ring latch set up for three-point applications
Non-locking flush style trigger latch
Non-locking, stainless steel, two point lever lock
Non-locking-system comes with 48" rods
Off-center shank permits mounting handle close to the edge of a door
Operates with non-standard tool, which is available separately
Options available in carbon or stainless steel
Other available options include blind mount studs and several cam options
Other mounting hole patterns and sizes available, consult factory
Other mounting hole patterns available, consult factory
Other options: dead bolt, hook bolt offset .38" & blind mount version
Other versions available, consult factory
Paddle handle and trigger are welded construction for heavy-duty use
Product requires a 500 piece minimum order
Provides secure latching in vertical or horizontal position
Quarter turn latch activated with .25" hex tool
Quarter turn latch activated with 4mm hex tool
Rated to a maximum load of 100 lbs, and easily mounted with two 1/4" bolts
Recommended for heavily gasketed doors with single-point engagement
Rod-actuated for drop and swing doors, specify R or L
Rod-actuated with 45° tapered slide bolts, specify R or L
Roller pawl center latch allows for smoother, more noise-free action
Rotary paddle latch with mounting holes on 3.75" x 3.69" centers
Safety thumb release helps ensure full locked engagement
Same as 1-502 except for non-standard head configuration
Same as 14-5597 except pull finger is reversed, spring rate is 2.689 lbs/in
Same as 2-8000 R&L except the receptacle is 300 Series stainless steel
Same as 2-8004 R&L except the receptacle is 300 Series stainless steel
Same as 2-8400 with a stainless steel riveted pan
Same as 24-5597 except with 4 mounting holes that measure .218" in diameter
Same as 3-471SS except includes guide plate to help align striker
Same as 3-6903-50 except cam is replaced with adjustable nylon roller
Same as 4-2525-50 R&L except has longer roller extension 2-13/16"
Same as 4-8004 R except bright polished stainless steel
Same as 4-8004 R except no mounting holes
Same as 5597 except has mounting holes
Same as 5597 except slide bolt bevel is reversed
Same as 565692-U except with a 45° bolt and a 25 lbs spring rate
Same as 565697 except with offset steel latch bolt and 25 lbs spring rate
Same as 626-K except with stainless steel dust cover
Same as 8-2525-50 R&L except it has an inside hub for handle attachment
Same as 8-5597 except finger pull is reversed
Same as 8000 R&L but with beveled cam for ease of latching
Same as 8002-UA except supplied without cam
Same as 8004 except has beveled cam
Same as 8004 except with four 13/64" diameter mounting holes
Same as 9000-SS except zinc plated
Same as 9010-SS R&L except zinc-plated carbon steel
Same as 9011-SS R&L except zinc-plated carbon steel
Same as 9020-SS R&L except zinc-plated carbon steel
Same as 9030-SS R&L except zinc-plated carbon steel
Same as 9031-SS R&L except zinc-plated carbon steel
Same as 91U except with straight cam
Same as the 4907 model except available with 1-1/8" bolt offset
Same features as model 1-ECL-430-KP8 but with a gasket
Same options as 4860 but contains a hook type slide bolt
Self-adjusting, stainless steel tension springs help maintain balance
Set up for three-point application, other versions available
Set up for two-point application, other versions available
Several versions available, consult factory
Shank is offset for mounting close to the edge of door
Similar to 1-501 R except not continuously self-adjusting
Similar to 12-450 R/L except actuator arm in opposite direction
Similar to 12-450 R/L except has (3) 1/4" diameter threaded mounting holes
Similar to 4-8004 R but opposite rotation and an offset cam
Similar to 5630-A except has larger pan and heavy-duty iron T-handle
Similar to 8001 Series, but with a square receptacle and offset cam
Single stage designed to be used with .156" diameter rods or cable
Single stage designed with non-threaded spaces and lighter torsion spring
Single-point D-ring latch with black coated handle
Sliding door lock does not come with required mortise cylinder for locking
Slotted insert for use with a screwdriver, nickel-plated finish
Spring back quarter turn knob latch
Standard end bolt assembly furnished with stainless steel roller
Standard paddle latch with two-stage rotary latching feature
Suitable for use on steel or wood doors
Suitable for use on steel, wood or fiberglass doors
The "A" style is mounted above the arm, and the "B" style is mounted below
Thicker case than the 4-5696-Z model, with automatic unlocking feature
This back-to-back latch is ideal for vehicles, comes in several thicknesses
Threaded drive 8 x 1.25 mm thread
Three-point cable control slam action system with 2 idler pulleys
Three-point latch designed for lightweight metal or wood doors
Three-point locking for large, heavy door applications
Three-point non-locking D-ring
Three-point system with adjustable grip cam range from 7/8" to 1"
Two different length hook bolts
Two other offset version are available, consult factory
Two stage rotary latches, various actuator and rotary options available
Two-point automotive style lever latch blind mounting, double bitted key
Two-point latch with flat rod connected to tapered take-up slide bolts
Two-point lever latch has two different travel distance settings
Two-point system with modification of the center pawl
Typical three-point key-locking system, rods and rod guides separate
Universal center latch similar to 2-2500-1, no need to order right or left
Used primarily on utility truck compartments
Water resistant cover is also available
Water resistant design makes it ideal for marine applications
With long-angle slidebolt

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