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Vo-Tech offers high quality, high precision and assembly in low to mid volumes on a contractual or as needed purchase order basis. We produce and warehouse inventory of both components and complete assemblies for our customers.

Vo-Tech produces against blanket PO's with releases and guarantees supply with a minimum of a one year contract. We are also interested in long term relationships and multi-year contracts as well. As we collaborate on production and supply, this usually manifests itself in lower acquisiton costs benefitting our customers. The better we can volume buy materials and plan our production, we are happy to pass these economies along to our customers. We are supplyl chain experts with over 30 years experience in strategic sourcing, managed inventories and forecasting.

We can also provide for your specific QC needs including SPC, individual and specific dimensional precision documentation for parts/assemblys as required.

Company Information
Vo-Tech designs, manufactures and assembles machines, machine tools and medical devices for our customers as needed. We have presses and other secondary equipment necessary to perform these functions. If we don't have the tool needed, we'll make it.
Certification / Qualification; (CAD) / Solid Modeling; (CAM); Design / Development; Just-in-Time Delivery; Kitting; Low Volume Production; High Volume Production; Packaging; Private Labeling; Shipping and Freight; Sourcing; Turnkey Product Manufacturing; Testing; Warehousing / Stocking; Manged and Consigned Inventories
Electrical and Electromechanical Assembly; Extrusion; Machining; Mechanical Assembly; Welding and Fabrication

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