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Precision Engineered, Designed and Manufactured Metal Parts and Components

PSM offers the widest range of sintered solutions in the metal fabrication business. PSM can provide the most efficient solution to your manufacturing requirements by having access to the knowledge and experience of our six operating divisions.

PolyAlloys Injected Metals ~ High Complexity MIM ~ Los Angeles, California

  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • Extremely Tight Tolerances
  • Eliminates Secondary Machining

BestMetal ~ Powdered Metal Technology ~ Woodstock, Illinois

  • At or Near Net Shape Parts
  • Short Run to Medium Volume Specialists
  • Excellent Secondary Machining Capabilities

PM Krupp High Speed Steels ~ Los Angeles, California

  • Fully Dense PM
  • High Speed Steels
  • Fully Dense PM Stainless Steel

Pacific Sintered Metals ~ High Performance PM ~ Los Angeles, California

  • High Temperature Sintering
  • Excellent Shape Complexity
  • High Volume Experience

Ferro-Tic SBC ~ Steel Bonded Titanium Carbide ~ Newburgh, New York

  • Ferro-Tic® Machineable Carbides
  • Severe Wear Applications
  • Hot Isostatic Pressed Materials

Yillik Carbide Products ~ Precision Cemented Carbides ~ Ontario, California

  • Wide Variety of Precision Drill Bushings
  • Carbide Nozzle Tips
  • Complex Carbide Specialties

Company Information
PSM Industries, using the principals of Powder Metallurgy, offers complete to print single source responsible manufacturing solutions including design support and assembles. Our value engineering analysis assures optimum performance at the lowest cost.
Certification / Qualification; (CAD) / Solid Modeling; (CAM); Design / Development; Just-in-Time Delivery; Low Volume Production; High Volume Production; Turnkey Product Manufacturing; Warehousing / Stocking; Cost Reduction of Existing Designs
Machining; Mechanical Assembly; Metal Casting; Molding; Powder Metallurgy & MIM

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