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Contract Prototype Manufacturing:

TAK Enterprises has a very extensive background in developing fabrication concepts and production tooling approaches that not only provide quality levels of 6 sigma and better but with the added benefit of keeping material waste and post operational costs down to a minimum. This particular combination of innovative design and attention to low fabrication costs make TAK the perfect choice for contract prototype manufacturing. Quality & Integrity

ISO 9001 certified TAK Enterprises has built its reputation of Quality & Integrity since our beginning in 1981 as a preferred supplier of systems for precision small and miniature metal formed parts. Our innovative design approaches along with the employment of meticulous "cassette style" tooling and in-process inspection methods ensure that all our customers receive only 100% quality parts and the highest level of service available.

Manufacturing Services:

TAK Enterprises can provide manufacturing services or production on existing parts and assemblies or for newly designed parts. We will also run production from recently purchased TAK fabrication systems for whatever period of time it is felt nescessary for in-depth operational training of new personell. Our EGI ( Engineering, Gaging, Inspection ) fee is a one time cost that covers all engineering, gaging & inspection along with meeting all ISO requirements up through the 1st piece submission process and through out the lifetime of the part or normal production cycle. There is never a "tooling usage or maintenance" cost for life of the part.

TAK can support JIT production by having a stocked inventory. Product packaging is per customer specs and can utilize our bar coding capabilities. Additionally, TAK can supply parts in such finished states that include plating, heat-treated, passivation, etc.

Company Information
TAK provides contract manufacturing services by producing miniature and sub-miniature wire and narrow strip fabrications, welded contacts, and intricate assemblies. TAK specializes in complex, close tolerance and high volume production.
Design / Development; Just-in-Time Delivery; Low Volume Production; High Volume Production; Packaging; Turnkey Product Manufacturing
Welding and Fabrication; Wire and Narrow Strip Fabrications

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