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Micro Waterjet helps people who are frustrated with...

The high cost of tooling associated with dies for stamping parts on short runs

Heat affected zones and recast layer from laser and wire EDM cutting

Being forced to use conductive materials due to wire EDM being the most accurate cutting method

Settling for alternative processes because of the cut width using conventional abrasive water jet technology

Micro Waterjet LLC uses proprietary equipment developed with new Abrasive Waterjet Micro Machining (AWJMM®) technology to cut a wide range of materials, with a cutting accuracy of +/-0.01mm and a positioning accuracy of +/-0.003mm. This occurs by mixing a very fine abrasive with accelerated water at an average impact speed of approximately 800m/s to quickly and accurately remove material and produce a finished piece with little to no burr and no heat deformation.

More competitive with EDM and Laser Cutting, Micro Waterjet can cut without Heat Affected Zones (HAZ), allowing cutting of materials with little to no bio-compatibility issues or deburring required. It is possible to stack cut on the microwaterjet®, although some taper may occur depending on the material/thickness and speed of the cut.

Company Information
Micro Waterjet provides a unique cutting service not available with traditional abrasive water jet technology. We provide cutting solutions for to various industries including medical, electronic and instrumentation.

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