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MRL offers full service product development, committed to the highest product quality while also reducing development time. We partner with our customers to quickly provide creative and unique solutions to your manufacturing requirements.

  • Our engineers will determine the optimum manufacturing processes to produce a cost effective component or assembly acording to your product requirements.
  • 3-Modeling affords a realistic preview of your finished product.
  • A wide range of available resources and secondary operations ensures continuity throughout the development cycle, regardless of the complexity of the model.
  • You will receive a prototype that is virtually a production first run.
  • Expect to get high quality, repeatable designs which bring your concepts into production realitiy.
  • Design changes are met with flexibility and an open attitude of cooperation.

Once your prototype is completed and approved, our contract manufacturing services can easily handle both small and production runs with the highest quality and responsiveness.

Approved suppliers to major OEM and Tier-1 companies in the most demanding industries, we are experienced in providing a variety of options for effective scheduling and delivery of your product.

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We have decades of manufacturing experience building custom components and assemblies on contract. Prototypes, short runs, blanket orders, consigned stock and repeat production quantities are all available as critical elements of your supply chain.
Certification / Qualification; (CAD) / Solid Modeling; (CAM); Design / Development; Just-in-Time Delivery; Kitting; Low Volume Production; High Volume Production; Packaging; Private Labeling; Shipping and Freight; Sourcing; Turnkey Product Manufacturing; Testing; Warehousing / Stocking
Electrical and Electromechanical Assembly; Electronic Manufacturing; Machining; Mechanical Assembly; Sheet Metal Fabrication; Stamping; Welding and Fabrication; Heat Treating; Surface Finishing

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