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Leyshon Miller Industries, LLC.Specializes in the highest quality mechanical engineering services. Our employees are innovative and experienced, holding several patents for product designs. LMI is on the cutting edge of design and manufacturing techniques to bring you the fastest possible product development cycle today and tomorrow. LMI is not only state-of-the-art, but state-of-the-future as well, with an ongoing commitment to research & development in collaboration with the Ohio State University.The products' total life cycle is important to LMI, you and the environment; therefore, the following is incorporated into every product.Design for ManufacturabilityOur design methods create smooth manufacturing of your product and allow you to start marketing before production.Design for AssemblyReducing the cost of every assembled product is one of the highest concerns of LMI's talented group of engineers and it accomplished due to their tremendous amount of experience in high volume manufacturing.Design for Recyclability.Every project will be thought through to the end of its' shelf life. Remanufacturing used and unused parts will help you save on material cost and plan for the future by helping the environment.LMI's customers range from small businesses to multi-national corporations in both domestic and international markets.We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your projects and invite you to visit our facility.

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Leyshon Miller Industries (LMI) has a cutting edge design and manufacturing facility specializing in plastic injection mold building, plastic injection molding, and also has the capabilities to meet your machining needs. We offer a wide range of expertise in product development, design, mechanical engineering, solid modeling, engineering analysis, rapid prototyping and rapid production tooling and production.

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