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Rapid manufacturing
Batch sizes from 1 to serial production.
Which quantity begins to justify investing in a tool? How much setting-up work is worth putting into manufacturing a small batch even if the moulds and tools are still on the warehouse shelf? How much capital and warehouse capacity is tied up in serial production? Which alternative can SLS provide if an order should have been delivered yesterday?
FKM uses SLS to manufacture replacement parts or serial-produced components in exactly the quantity demanded.
From start to finish, you can be sure that every part is identical, dimensionally stable, strong and flawless. Because at FKM nothing wears that quickly. Neither laser nor motivation.

Company Information
We are Germany’s pioneers of Selective Laser Sintering and have been part of a revolutionary re-thinking process in the industry since 1994.
Design / Development; Low Volume Production; Turnkey Product Manufacturing
3D Printing; Selective Laser Sintering; Direct Metal Laser Sintering

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