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CCE provides manufacturing services through an innovative service aimed at small to mid-size companies wanting to take advantage of a design-integrated supply chain for sourcing mechanical components from low cost locations. The service called "Design to Doorstep" (D2D) offers manufacturers the opportunity to expand their global manufacturing footprint by partnering with CCE on a "pay for performance" model that mitigates the risk associated with global outsourcing.

D2D leverages co-located offshore design engineering and manufacturing resources to reduce product development costs and deliver quality. CCE acts as an extension of your design and manufacturing team for higher value, lower volume parts earmarked for redesign, optimization, value engineering, re-positioning or frequent change. CCE engineers take responsibility of the design changes of the parts, and CCE's manufacturing services managers select and manage an offshore-based manufacturing supply chain to produce the parts with desired quality and cost. CCE's local services managers interface with customers to manage all aspects of offshore manufacturing including production, quality control, packing, shipping, customs and regulatory issues.

D2D is ideal for companies whose design and engineering departments are over-burdened trying to keep pace with ever-increasing number of products offered by the company to its customers, in an effort to stay profitable and competitive.

Company Information
CCE’s focus is in providing high-impact Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE) services to reduce costs from existing mechanical parts and assemblies. VAVE services include material, process & design modifications & offshore manufacturing.
Certification / Qualification; (CAD) / Solid Modeling; (CAM); Design / Development; Low Volume Production; Packaging; Shipping and Freight; Sourcing; Testing; Mid Volume Production
Forging; Machining; Mechanical Assembly; Metal Casting; Sheet Metal Fabrication; Stamping; Welding and Fabrication

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