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Getting a new chemical, pharmaceutical or food product to market isn’t easy. You may have to develop a whole new process and then build specialized equipment to handle it. This can add months to your time to market.

Artisan’s Product Development & Manufacturing division can help you build process equipment to handle the most viscous, fouling, heat-sensitive materials in less time and with fewer headaches. We have developed hundreds of custom solutions for customers in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Integrated engineering & manufacturing makes the difference

Our fully integrated engineering and manufacturing teams make us the ideal choice when you want a one-stop solution for custom design, development and manufacturing. It also means we can optimize your design as we build it, yielding shorter lead-times and better product quality.

Our engineering team can do design validation, product hazard analysis, fluid and thermal analysis and failure analysis. Then our manufacturing team can build working prototypes for testing.

Once we have a final design, our manufacturing team applies the latest tools and proven quality measures to building it. We can handle equipment ranging from customized alloy tanks to complex automated process equipment.

From engineering through fabrication, Artisan helps you get to market faster and improve your product yield.

Company Information
Artisan provides contract manufacturing, providing complete one-stop machining, fabrication, assembly, and testing services to ASME Code and industrial specifications.
Certification / Qualification; (CAD) / Solid Modeling; Low Volume Production; High Volume Production; Turnkey Product Manufacturing; Testing
Chemical Manufacturing and Synthesis; Machining; Mechanical Assembly; Welding and Fabrication

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