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The process of hydro-mechanical deep drawing at TMS was originally developed in the 1950²s with a boom in the technology in the 1960²s thanks to the aerospace industry. Often, the final thickness of the part is near 100% of the original blank thickness. This method of forming is ideal for critical components in materials that strain harden or are sensitive to fatigue, surface finish is critical, welding must be avoided, material thickness must be uniform, and or additional forming post deep drawing is required.

The process was created to and does produce deep parts without welding and minimal straining of the material. This is accomplished with a blank held in place by a draw ring that is around a punch. Then the punch pushes the metal blank into a hydraulic chamber that surrounds the work piece and drawing ring. The metal blank then forms around the punch which determines the final part shape.

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Established in 1929, Toledo Metal Spinning has developed into a supplier providing robust metal forming and joining solutions. We have six primary processes; deep drawing, stamping, hydroforming, metal spinning, rolling, and welding all supported by many secondary processes to build parts to customer specifications or for our own product lines.
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Aluminum; Copper; Steel; Stainless Steel; Nickel

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