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Norpin Mfg. Co. Inc. is an industry leader of low and high volume manufacturing of deep drawn cans, cases, boxes, cups, caps, canisters, instrument housings and shells. We have a 60 year history of manufacturing competitive and dependable deep drawn enclosures, lids, shells, and housings for industries world wide where quality, cost and on time deliveries are critical.
Norpin Manufacturing services the food, aviation, medical, automotive, electronics, aerospace industries with custom and standard ZERO style deep drawn metal enclosures.
Norpin Mfg. can customize your deep drawn enclosure requirements utilizing on site design, powder coating, machining, PEM stud insertion, nut plates, seals, handles, hinges, and assembly facilities. Also available are paint, anodize, irridite, alodine, welding, metal stamping, and fabrication services. Call Jen or Luke today for peronalized help with your deep drawn enclosures, fabrication and economically priced draw tooling needs.

Company Information
Established in 1956, Norpin Deep Draw offers a wealth of experience in production, problem-solving, and design assistance. Unlike other suppliers, deep drawn enclosures are their primary business, so your business is of prime importance to them.
Certifications / Quality Capabilities
MIL-SPEC; ISO Compliant
Aluminum; Copper; Steel; Stainless Steel; Titanium; Muy Metal

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