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High-Speed, 6A MOSFET Driver (Noninverting) Galvanic Isolated Gate Driver PMIC - Gate Drivers Drmos Power Module, 40A, Qfn-Ep-40; Input Voltage Min Renesas Gate Driver
Part Number MAX4420 2ED020I12-F2 ISL78434AVEZ-T7ATR-ND 84AC7103 U9910
Supplier Maxim Integrated Infineon Technologies AG Digi-Key Electronics Newark, An Avnet Company Richardson RFPD
Gate Drivers from Maxim Integrated

High-Speed, 6A MOSFET Driver (Noninverting) -- MAX4420


Product Category
Gate Drivers
Driver Type
Dual Gate Driver
Number of Outputs
Output Configuration
Output Current
6 amps
Supply Voltage
4.5 to 18 volts
Rise Time
Fall Time
Operating Temperature
Package Type