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The RS Pro range of Bronze rod and tubes, offer great machining qualities and a high degree of resistance to corrosion.,Suitable for different types of applications.
To BS1400: 1985: PBI Concast. Produced to nominal size + 1/32 in. plus tolerance. High mechanical strength/freedom from porosity. Excellent machining properties. Supplied in 13in lengths
Material = Phosphor Bronze
Form = Rod
Length = 13in
Outer Diameter = 2in
Tensile Strength = 420 N/mm²
Thermal Conductivity = 47W/mK
Density = 8.8g/cm³
Hardness = 120 HB
Suitability = Bearings, Heavy Load Gears, Pumps, Valves, Worm Wheels
Height = 2in


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