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The RS Pro range of Nickel Aluminium Bronze rod and tubes, offer a high level of Aluminium and Nickel making it a high strength option, while keeping the core Bronze properties of high wear, corrosion and ductility., Typical applications include gears, bearings, pumps, impellers, turbine components and masonry fixings.
Corrosion resistance,Good strength and ductility,High weldability
Material = Nickel Aluminium Bronze
Form = Rod
Length = 18in
Outer Diameter = 1in
Hardness = 120 to 220 HV
Tensile Strength = 680 - 740 Mpa
Width = 1in
Thermal Conductivity = 37.7W/mK
Suitability = Bearings, Bushings, Heavy Load Gears, Hydraulic Valve Components, Pumps, Valves, Wear Plates, Worm Wheels
Density = 7.58g/cm³


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