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Fusible alloys are materials that melt at less then 300°F, well below the melting point of tin-lead eutectic solders and SAC alloys. Bismuth is the major component of many of these alloys and infl uences the melting point, as well as gives these materials the unique characteristic of expansion upon solidifi cation. This expansion, which can continue for hours or even days after solidifi cation, has proven to be a useful property in many processes. Fusible alloys are classifi ed as either eutectic or non-eutectic. In eutectic alloys, the melting point coincides with the freezing point. Non-eutectic alloys exhibit a range between the melting and freezing points in which the materials are “mushy” or “pasty”. The composition and physical properties of common fusible alloys are listed in the tables below. Although most of the alloys do not have high strength or hardness, they have many industrial uses.

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