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The Classic Oil-only boom is an excellent absorbent boom with an extra tough construction. Designed for marine use to deal with pollution that harms a marine environment in open sea. The booms are fitted with carabiner clips that attach to each other using a snap and ring system. The boom floats even when saturated and the open fibres and spun bond inner skin allow for a faster absorption.
Classic Oil-only Absorbent Boom,Extra tough construction,Designed for marine use â€" in open sea,Floats even when saturated,Open fibres,Spun bond inner skin,Maximum absorption,Netting technology â€" industrial strength,Melt blown fill,High tensile draw cord,Fitted with Carabiner clips,Forms a continuous boom when joined,Absorbs â€" Hydrocarbon-based fuels, oils and lubricants
Stock number 136-7549,Capacity â€" 30 L per boom,Size 13 cm x 3 m,Stock number 136-7550,Capacity â€" 80 L per boom,Size 20 cm x 3 m
Trade Name = Classic Oil-Only Marine Boom
Type = Boom
Application = Marine Use
Absorbent Capacity = 30 L
Quantity Per Package = 4


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Absorbents and Adsorbents
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