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Anchored by its 20 year core strength in electronic contract manufacturing, AMI supplies its industry's middle market with a complete range of world class packaging and logistical services.

Unique Value: AMI's unique and critical value is that each element of its end-to-end service portfolio - Fortune 500 bred and proven - mirrors the offerings of its industry's global giants, yet its singular mission is to deliver superior performance for customers with variable demand, moderate volume requirements.

Proof: For proof, consider that AMI performs final packaging and labeling for over 300 unique products involving over 300,000 units annually. These products range from $20 consumer monitoring devices to $50,000 systems used in major high security governmental installations, both domestically and around the world.

The Best Choice: Along the way AMI exploits its structural cost advantages to consistently meet the demand of its customers to make more money. Although AMI's margins and markups are about the same as its competitors, these escalators -- thanks in part to Maine's lowest in the nation EMS wages -- are applied to a meaningfully lower cost base, thereby translating into prices that are almost always lower than its competition.

AMI, with a full array of expert packaging and logistical services, is the right size and the best choice for its industry's middle market.

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AMI’s 20 year core strength in contract manufacturing anchors its world class packaging services. With over 100 employees, annual sales of $20M, and structural pricing advantages, AMI is the right size and the best choice for the OEM middle market.

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