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High-Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner -- 3307-24

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High-Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner -- 3307-24-Image
  • SweepSONIK2D™ Generators provide effective submicron particle removal on the most delicate substrates without cavitation damage
  • DualSWEEP technology constantly varies the ultrasonic frequency (± 2 kHz) to ensure the optimal value for each cleaning situation
  • MultiSONIK™ generator operates at 40, 72, 104, or 170kHz frequencies, according to a predetermined sequence, in a single process tank
  • Self-diagnostic circuits indicate status of the ultrasonic generator
  • Process tanks are constructed from 316L stainless steel for noncontaminating, chemical-resistant performance

These versatile High-Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners provide the optimal cleaning solution in cost-sensitive, high-purity applications involving sensitive parts.

The unique SweepSONIK2D™ generators drive the universal transducer at 40, 72, 104, or 170kHz. The generators include patented DualSWEEP technology to provide the safest and most efficient ultrasonic cleaning and processing. With DualSWEEP control, the sweep rate is constantly changing among optimum values (± 2 kHz of nominal value). This eliminates the possibility of damaging a part by resonating it at a single sweep frequency. Each generator includes a front-mounted power control knob and the ability to remotely activate the unit through a contact closure.


Product Category
Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems
Machine Type
Ultrasonic Cleaner; Aqueous Cleaning System; Heated Cleaning Solution; (CompleteSystem)
Ultrasonic Transducer; Ultrasonic Generator; Filtration System or Oil Separator; Wash Tank or Sump Tub; Heater
40 kHz
Tank Capacity
25 gallons (94.64 liters)
Pump / Transducer
Part Loading
Internal Length
Internal Width
Internal Depth
Machine Mounting
Tank Material
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