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Carbon Dioxide Purifier -- 4545-10

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Carbon Dioxide Purifier -- 4545-10-Image
  • Economical—converts low-cost CO2 into high-quality, 99.999999% ultra-pure CO2
  • Easy to use—simply connect to a CO2 vapor source
  • Select among three capacities for up to 36 lbs. (16.3 kg) of ultra-pure CO2/hour
  • Enhances effectiveness of SNO GUN™ II and other CO2 cleaning systems

These CO2 Purifiers allow the use of inexpensive industrial-grade CO2 for ultra-pure cleaning with the SNO GUN™ II or other dry ice cleaning systems.

They are easy to set up and operate. Simply install the purifier between a CO2 vapor cylinder and a dry ice cleaning device by means of two hose fittings and you're ready to clean with laboratory-grade, ultra-pure CO2. A pressure gauge on the front panel indicates when your pure CO2 supply is low. Regeneration rates vary with the model; see specifications below. All models feature a 304 stainless steel housing.

Product Category
Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems
Machinery Type
Machine Type
CO2 Purifier; Dry Ice gun; (Component)
Filtration System or Oil Separator; Pump
Part Handling / Capacity
Part Loading
Offhand or Handheld
Features & Mounting
Cleaning or Surface Preparation; Bottles or Containers; Wafer or Critical Cleaning; Degreasing; Sterilizing, Disinfecting or Pre-sterilizing

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