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RS offers professional ultrasonic cleaners manufactured by James Products to clean millions of industrial, commercial and domestic items ranging from brass, copper, silver, jewellery, eyewear and CDs/DVDs to laboratory ware, PCBs, inkjet cartridges, electrical components and precision parts. The Ultra 9020 has two ultrasonic transducers for uniform distribution of ultrasonic waves. Its touch screen control panel has a 1 to 30 minute full range digital timer and its tank can hold an item up to 34cm (13.4 inches) long. The 9020 has a drainage valve which makes it easy to empty used water from the tank.
Cleaner dimensions 515 x 305 x 240 mm. Stainless steel (SUS304) tank 323 x 205 x 99 mm. Tank 6L capacity (fill: max 5L, min 3.35L). Degas feature. Drainage valve. Solution usage timer. Touch screen control panel. 1-30 minute full range timer. Two ceramic heaters 40- 60°C. Two industrial grade ultrasonic transducers, 110W. Ultrasonic frequency 35,000Hz. Power consumption 300W maximum. Power supply AC 220-240V 50/60Hz. Two cooling fans. Engineering grade plastic. Quiet operation. Cleaner weight 7.5kg
Capacity = 6L
Input Voltage = 220 - 240V ac
Ultrasonic Power Rating = 300W
Material = Stainless Steel
Timer = Yes
Power Source = Mains
Dimensions = 515 x 305 x 240mm
Weight = 7.5kg
Height = 240mm
Length = 515mm


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Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems
Machine Type
Ultrasonic Cleaner
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