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High quality Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank for the cleaning and removal of dirt, grease and corrosion from both mechanical and electronic parts.
Removes Dirt, Grease, Corrosion and can be used on Electronic & Mechanical parts. Degas mode rapidly removes air from the fluid after changing for maximum cleaning. Delicate mode which is less aggressive at half power. Full-power mode for a powerful deep clean. Temperature and Timing mode. Tank, lid and housing made from stainless steel. Comprehensive manual included
Heater Power Rating = 100W
Lid Supplied = Yes
Capacity = 3L
Ultrasonic Power Rating = 100W
Material = Stainless Steel
Timer = Yes
Dimensions = 240 x 137 x 100mm
Height = 100mm
Length = 240mm
Plug Type = Type C - European Plug, Type G - British 3-pin

Product Category
Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems
Machinery Type
Machine Type
Ultrasonic Cleaner

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