LED Lamps from Kyocera Corporation

High-CRI LED Modules

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Color Rendering Index (CRI or CIE Ra) is an average between R1 and R8, with a scale of 0 to 100, and is an indicator of how well the light source replicates standardized daylight. The Ra of Kyocera's LED modules is 97, a very high number in the LED industry. The remaining special color rendering indices (R9 through R15) which indicate primary colors and colors of skin, are also very high.

There are three types of single-chip white LED systems on the market. Kyocera's LED is a single-chip type that creates a high color rendering index (CRI) very close to sunlight by combining a violet LED with blending techniques of red, green and blue phosphors. Custom spectra can also be created to meet customers' lighting requirements.

Kyocera's LED is mounted in a ceramic package and unlike plastic packages, ceramic shows little deterioration from heat and light. As a result, the LED lifetime is extended significantly. Shown below, the Kyocera LED lamp retains 95% of its initial luminous flux after 98,400 hours of continuous testing.
Correlated color temperature (CCT) also remains stable after the same time period.