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As a Tier 1 or 2 supplier to OEMs, your company has to perform every single day. You need your component suppliers to do the same. Yet supplier-caused problems crop up way too often. Are you tolerating problem parts that jam your production machinery, forcing you to spend money to sort good parts from bad? Or even worse, components that fail in the field in your assembly in your customer's equipment?
Problems like that, if not resolved quickly, can cost you an OEM customer as well as having to shell out for warranty claims. The impact can run into six- and seven-figures.
Fortunately, there's a superior alternative to living with the risks and the hassles. Do business with us, and you'll get a reliable flow of zero-defect parts that will perform.
Even better, you'll have the problem-preventing components supplier in your corner. We help you protect your brand, decrease risk in your business, and become more competitive.

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Topcraft Metal Products Inc. is a precision engineered components manufacturing company. Our focus is to take demanding applications and create globally competitive, zero defect and reliable processes that we manage giving our customers the best value.

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