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Swissomation is devoted to providing excellent customer service. We are set up to respond to your prototype as well as production runs. Our company is designed to allow for a quick turnaround time on high quality parts and components.

Capabilities & Material

Our in house equipment will turn parts up to 1/2" diameter and 5.5" long. We offer various secondary operations to crimp, bend, and assemble into subassemblies as well. We have extensive experience in Components & Connectors for the microwave and RF industries. Many of our parts are used in filters, relays, and other high reliability components. We also produce quality components for the medical, instrument aerospace, etc. industries.

Company Information
Swissomation, Inc. offers its customers one of the fastest turn around times in the industry. From help with your first engineering samples through your production runs, Swissomation offers the highest quality, quickest delivery, and the fairest price.

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