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Rough & Finished Machining

Copper alloys have an inherently low machinability rating (typically 20%), which can cause difficulty for many suppliers in producing parts. With 70 years of experience, Weldaloy has developed the skill and expertise to offer a variety of processing techniques with non-ferrous materials.

Our size range capabilities include:

• Turning up to 72" in diameter

• Milling up to 39"W x 30"H x 84"L

As always, Weldaloy offers flexibility for our customers by providing rough machining with stock allowance for your final machining operation, or by machining your final products with precise tolerances to meet your drawing requirements.

Company Information
Weldaloy Delivers Quality Products Built To Your Specification! If you’re dealing with non–ferrous alloys‚ Weldaloy has the range of products and services to suit your applications‚ from forgings to extrusions and machining.
Certifications / Standards
AS 9100 / AS 9100B; ISO 9001:2000; AS 9100C; ISO 9001:2008
CNC Machining
Milling; Turning
Specialty Machining
Forging Machining
Less than 1"; 1"-3"; 3"-6"; 6"-48"

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