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Vo-Tech is a full service job shop that specializes in both milling and turning utilizing state of the art CNC machines that are well maintained and can consistently hold close tolerances +/-.0005.

We perform Production Milling and Turning work, Prototype and also Custom machining for parts manufactured to customer print specifications. We also design and engineer fixturing and tools to assist manufacturing needs for automation.

Prototype Machining

Milling or Turning:

  • Prototype or low quantity production manufactured to print specifications
  • Engineering assistance to help with product design/functionality for customers with limited resources
    - Ability to develop 3D conceptual engineered renderings and also
    convert to manufacturing drawings for production
  • Collaboration in development of product(s) for manufacturing optimization to assist in controlling costs
  • Milling machine work utilizing the following
    - Unique multi-cavity fixturing solutions to improve efficiency controlling manufacturing costs
    - Full 4 axis work capabilities
    - Utilize vacuum chucks for work holding of thinner, lighter or difficult to machine exotic materials
  • Specialized tooling developed for difficult to machine parts other shops simply can't do

Production Milling or Turning:

  • Pallet type fixturing solutions for quick change over of parts to reduce cycle times and costs
  • Turning CNC's utilize automatic bar loaders and can feed 2.5" through the spindle for manufacturing efficiency
  • Sub spindles and live tooling utilized for efficient and complex 3 or even 4 axis type work


i. Capable of custom engineered and designed fixturing either customer or company owned

ii. Multiple steps of processing or handling such as both turning and milling operations

iii. Additional services provided such as:

  1. grinding,
  2. heat treating (through, oil, etc.)
  3. complex welding (various metals)
  4. finish blasting (glass bead, oxide, etc),
  5. plating treatments (anodizing, zinc, chrome, nickel, etc.)
  6. powder coating, etc.
  7. Warehouse assembly area - Assembly services available for complete part fixtures/assemblies

Company Information
Variable Operations Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturing company specializing in CNC production machining and custom- designed machinery for industrial applications.
CNC Machining
Broaching; Drilling; Honing; Milling; Turning; 2-axis Machining; 3-axis Machining; 4-axis Machining; Design and Build Fixturing and Machinery
Specialty Machining
Casting Machining; Extrusion Machining; Forging Machining; Tool & Die Manufacturing
Greater than 48"

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