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Company Information
NEP is the leading high-quality manufacturer and supplier of steel and iron castings, forgings and assemblies for safety-critical and high-performance applications. As a US-based company with more than 25 years of casting and forging experience, NEP is dedicated to serving OEMs worldwide.
Certifications / Standards
ISO 9001:2000; TS 16949
CNC Machining
Drilling; Honing; Milling; Screw Machining; Turning; 2-axis Machining; 3-axis Machining; 4-axis Machining; 5-axis Machining
Specialty Machining
Casting Machining; Forging Machining; Jigs and Fixtures
Less than 1"; 1"-3"; 3"-6"; 6"-48"; Greater than 48"
Secondary Operations
Additional Services