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M&P Manufacturing USA offers our Customers a single source supply for almost all their metal component needs. Our process capabilities include precision machining, turning, precision casting, extruding, stamping and forging. Combined with a complete compliment of secondary and finishing operations, M&P can supply ready to use parts for your assembly line. We can produce parts in iron, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, zinc, titanium, magnesium and more.
CNC Machining
Broaching; Drilling; Electrode EDM; Etching/Chemical Milling; Honing; Milling; Screw Machining; Swiss Machining; Turning; Wire EDM; 2-axis Machining; 3-axis Machining; 4-axis Machining; 5-axis Machining
Specialty Machining
Casting Machining; Extrusion Machining; Forging Machining; Gear Manufacturing; Jigs and Fixtures; Tool & Die Manufacturing
Less than 1"; 1"-3"; 3"-6"; 6"-48"
Less than 1"; 1"-3"; 3"- 6"; 6"-48"; Greater than 48"
Secondary Operations
Additional Services
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