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F.B. Manion can reduce your production cost through our unique and innovative machining solutions. Whether it is the ability to combine multiple operations, higher material removal rates and increased quality, our solutions will help improve your total throughput, lowering tooling cost per part, and reducing scrap. We have 4th & 5th axis capabilities which allows us to produce complex radial forms. We can process a number of hard to machine materials such as Superalloys, powdered metals and interrupted cuts. Our Creep-Feed capabilities include holding tight tolerance deep slots to surgical knife blade edges. We have been approved for controlled process grinding of plasma coatings. Our processes can be up to 5-times faster than conventional machining or turning with greater accuracy.

  2. HAYNES 188
  4. Stainless
  5. Powdered Metals
  6. Plasma Coatings
  1. Pratt & Whitney
  2. GE Aircraft Engines
  3. Lockheed Martin
  4. Rolls-Royce Energy
  1. Aircraft
  2. Submarines
  3. Missiles
  4. Firearms
  5. Power Generation
  6. Automotive

Company Information
F.B. Manion specializes in "Super Abrasive Grinding" as an alternative to traditional CNC milling and turning. Our process provides lower costs per part, a minimum of 5 times production speeds of traditional methods, and greater tolerance control.
Certifications / Standards
ISO 9001:2000
CNC Machining
Milling; Superabrasive Machining; Turning; 3-axis Machining; 4-axis Machining; 5-axis Machining
Specialty Machining
Casting Machining; Gear Manufacturing; Rotary Transfer Machining; Tool & Die Manufacturing
1"-3"; 6"-48"

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