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CMI supplies quality products to manufacturers at competitive prices. We provide manufacturing and distribution services so that USA manufacturers can easily access the favorable prices of Asian manufacturing while maintaining high quality standards.
CNC Machining
Broaching; Deep Hole Drilling; Drilling; Electrode EDM; Etching/Chemical Milling; Honing; Jig Boring; Laser Machining; Milling; Screw Machining; Superabrasive Machining; Swiss Machining; Turning; Wire EDM; 2-axis Machining; 3-axis Machining; 4-axis Machining; 5-axis Machining
Specialty Machining
Casting Machining; Extrusion Machining; Forging Machining; Gear Manufacturing; Jigs and Fixtures; Rotary Transfer Machining; Tool & Die Manufacturing
Less than 1"; 1"-3"; 3"-6"; 6"-48"; Greater than 48"
Less than 1"; 1"-3"; 3"- 6"; 6"-48"; Greater than 48"
Micro Machining
Secondary Operations
Additional Services
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