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The Terxon SX alarm panel is an entry level alarm center for smaller properties. 9 zones ensure gap-free security. The system has 8 freely programmable zones for wired detectors. Zone 9 is the sabotage zone. Only NC detectors can be connected. The type of wiring is left up to you (NC or DEOL sabotage contact in series or as its own zone). The signal generator has its own (reserved) sabotage zone on the motherboard. Three 500mA transistor switching outputs that can be assigned to a certain event (alarm, fire or robbery) are located on the motherboard. the Terxon SX can also be expanded with a relay board (8 x 1A relays).,Supplied with a white LCD control unit, which allows the system to be quickly and conveniently programmed or activated/deactivated. You can connect 3 additional control units. The connection is made via 4-wire bus wiring.,16 users with their own codes and chip keys can operate the system.
8 alarm zones for NC contacts or differential signalling zone. 1 sabotage zone. 3 transistor outputs max. 500mA. 8 transistor outputs max. 50mA. Integrated power pack 230VAC/12VDC (1A). Optional pluggable relay module Integrated buzzer for alarm (in control unit)
Alarm Zones Onboard = 9
Depth = 85 mm
Display Included = Yes
Height = 235 mm
Maximum Number of User Codes = 16
Operation Mode = Key, Keypad
Width = 235mm


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Control Panels
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Conventional - Zones / Alarm Points
Operator Input
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