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Gemini GX32 series interconnectable fire alarms for use in small buildings/structures such as porta-cabins (building sites) etc. It is designed in such a way that even if the fire cables are cut or short-circuited in several places the system will continue to function. Each call point contains its own piezo sounder and is individually battery powered. This enables a manual system complying with BS5839 Pt1 App.G and a smoke alarm system complying with BS5839 Pt6 Grade F to be installed without the need for fire resistant cable. Trace mode enables faults and battery problems to be pinpointed at the throw of a key. Up to 32 Callpoint/Sounder units can be connected to the control panel and one inter-linkable battery powered smoke alarm can be installed between each callpoint/sounder.
Auto Reset = Yes
Silent Maintenance Testing = Yes

Product Category
Control Panels
Panel Type
Fire Alarm

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