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The AD676 is a multipurpose 16-bit parallel output analog-to-digital converter which utilizes a switched-capacitor/charge redistribution architecture to achieve a 100 kSPS conversion rate (10 µs total conversion time). Overall performance is optimized by digitally correcting internal nonlinearities through on-chip autocalibration.The AD676 circuitry is segmented onto two monolithic chips- a digital control chip fabricated on Analog Devices DSP CMOS process and an analog ADC chip fabricated on our BiMOS II process. Both chips are contained in a single package.The AD676 is specified for ac (or ""dynamic"") parameters such as S/(N+D) Ratio, THD and IMD which are important in signal processing applications. In addition, dc parameters are specified which are important in measurement applications.The AD676 operates from +5 V and ±12 V supplies and typically consumes 360 mW during conversion. The digital supply (VDD ) is separated from the analog supplies (VCC , VEE ) for reduced digital crosstalk. An analog ground sense is provided for the analog input. Separate analog and digital grounds are also provided.The AD676 is available in a 28-pin plastic DIP or 28-pin side-brazed ceramic package. A serial-output version, the AD677, is available in a 16-pin 300 mil wide ceramic or plastic package.


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