Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Chips from Richardson RFPD

Converter - ADC -- AD7870JNZ

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The AD7870/AD7875/AD7876 is a fast, complete, 12-bit A/D converter. It consists of a track/hold amplifier, 8 °s successive approximation ADC, 3 V buried Zener reference and versatile interface logic. The ADC features a self-contained internal clock which is laser trimmed to guarantee accurate control of conversion time. No external clock timing components are required; the on-chip clock may he overridden by an external clock if required. The parts offer a choice of three data output formats: a single, parallel, 12-bit word; two 8-bit bytes or serial data. Fast bus access times and standard control inputs ensure easy interfacing to modern microprocessors and digital signal processors. All parts operate from °5 V power supplies. The AD7870 and AD7876 accept input signal ranges of °3 V and °10 V, respectively, while the AD7875 accepts a unipolar 0 V to +5 V input range. The parts can convert full power signals up to 50 kHz. The AD7870/AD7875/AD7876 feature dc accuracy specifications such as linearity, full-scale and offset error. In addition, the AD7870 and AD7875 are fully specified for dynamic performance parameters including distortion and signal-to-noise ratio. The parts are available in a 24-pin, 0.3 inch-wide, plastic or hermetic dual-in-line package (DIP). The AD7870 and AD7875 are available in a 28-pin plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC), while the AD7876 is available and in a 24-pin small outline (SOIC) package.

Analog Devices, Inc.
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Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Chips
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12 bits

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